stop worrying, start living: half-day course, february 18, palmerston north



Worry — it’s what keeps some of us lying awake at night, and is what annoyingly gnaws away at us as we try to work, enjoy life, and relax. We live in anxious times, and sometimes concerns about what is happening in the world in general, as well as what is going on in our personal lives can seem a bit overwhelming. Anxiety and worry can drain us of energy — emotional and physical.

For many of us worrying has become a habit; it's almost automatic. BUT like other habits and behaviours, it can be changed.

Meditation provides a chance to be still and 'reboot', so that we can  shift negative habits over time, and are more able to maintain a peaceful and positive mind no matter what is going on around us. And when our mind is in a good space, we are really able to 'start living' - which is good for us, for those around us, and for the world in general.

In this course, Gen Demo will guide us through some very practical teachings and meditations which we can use to start making some positive changes - and develop our potential to stop worrying, and start living. 


 Gen Kelsang Demo 3with Gen Kelsang Demo

Date: Sunday, February 18

Time: 10am - 1pm 

Cost: $30 (including a delicious morning tea)

Booking: Follow the link below: