training in concentration in three parts – june 17 and august 31 – september 2


This special course will focus on what it means to develop concentration and how we can systematically train in concentration in daily life. 

The overall purpose of the programme is to strengthen the quality of our concentration so that we can make progress towards developing the perfect concentration of tranquil abiding.

The programme is presented in three parts - and it is necessary to participate in each section of the course:

  • Part One: Day course: Improving our concentration. Demo will explain what concentration is and practical methods for improving our ability to focus our minds and reduce distractions. This course prepares us to complete Part 2 of the programme.
  • Part Two: Home Practice. This section of the programme requires  maintaining a daily meditation practice of 20 minutes or more. 
  • Part Three. Weekend Retreat. This is the section of the programme where we reap the rewards of  home practice! It is a silent retreat , and in past years most students have found that this is where things really come together - and they are often surprised by just how much progress they have made in developing the strength and focus of their concentration. 

Part One. Day Course. 10am - 4pm Sunday, June 17. Amitabha Centre, Palmerston North

Part Two. Home practice. 20 June - 30 August

Part Three. Weekend Retreat. 6pm, Friday 31 August - 3pm, Sunday September 2. Sixtus Lodge, Ruahine Ranges

Cost: $170 (includes meals, accommodation and teaching)

Bookings: Book using the link below, or call us at the Amitabha Centre: 06 355 3524