drop-in meditation classes

palmerston north, dannevirke, levin, and whanganui

The general programme covers weekly classes, suitable for everyone, that are an ideal opportunity to take some time out, relax, refresh and improve our sense of inner peace and well-being. The programme is aimed at helping us experience the benefits of meditation, and learn practical ways of maintaining a peaceful and positive mind in the midst of the challenges and busy-ness of everyday life. The talks are drawn from Buddhist teachings but are relevant to all of us (Buddhist and non-Buddhist alike).

Classes start with a brief introduction, and a guided breathing meditation to help us relax and clear our minds. This is followed by a talk and time for questions. Then we do a second guided meditation, which is related to the teaching, and helps us the take what we have learnt into our daily life. There is usually some time for discussion during the evening and light refreshments are available after class.

This programme is divided into two main semesters (February - June, and August - September). We will also be running a 'winter series' in June and July. In each semester we cover two to three main topics. Although the topics are linked and run in a sequence you can step into a course at any time. Each class effectively works as a 'stand-alone', though if you are able to come to a whole series you are likely to enjoy the connections and the ways in which the different topics build on each other. There is no need to book, and beginners are welcome.

There is a suggested donation of $12, or affordable contribution.

Note: You don't need to bring anything; you don't need to wear special clothes ; and, you don't have to sit cross-legged on the floor! (most people choose to sit on a chair). 


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june – august: the winter warmer series






The 'winter warmers' series is part of our yearly cycle of classes. Each year, Demo goes to the UK for some (super) serious and intensive teacher training - and then stays for the special teachings and blessings at the Summer Festival at the Manjushri Centre in the Lake District. Over this time, students who attend study classes during the year have the opportunity to guide the general classes back here at home (in Palmerston North and Whanganui) and share their insights into how we can use meditation and Buddha's teachings to develop peaceful minds and warm hearts.

This year the teachings are drawn from the Kadampa Living Meditation Series. This series provides a comprehensive introduction to meditation, offering guidance at all levels for deepening our meditation practice. The series gives us the chance to become more familiar with some simple (but profound!) meditations to relax body and mind, find inner peace, achieve mental clarity, and develop a kind and compassionate attitude towards others. 

The series also aims to help us develop and sustain our own meditation practice - so it is very practical in its focus. (The meditations are available on CD, and you will be able to purchase these at the classes if you feel that they would be useful in helping you with your own meditation practice at home.)

Palmerston North: Wednesdays 7.00 - 8.30pm

Improving and Enjoying Meditation with Jan McPherson June : 20 : 27  and July : 4

Meditations for a Warm and Happy Heart with Malcolm Todd, Kelsang Phunwang and Roy Meeking July : 11 : 18 : 25

A Clear and Peaceful Mind  with Birgit Saunders Aug : 1 : 8 : 15

Whanganui: Thursdays 6.00 - 7.30pm

Improving and Enjoying Meditation with Dale Pryme June : 21 : 28 

Meditations for a Warm and Happy Heart with Virag July : 5 : 12

A Clear and Peaceful Mind  with Marion Taylor July : 19 : 26

August – December, 2018



life should be more than just coping

All of us face challenges and difficulties in our life; and although most of the time we cope, we can sometimes feel worn down by things. In general, we tend to see the situation (or other people) as the problem, and when things go wrong, we really feel the pain. However, if we can start to change our mental attitudes from negative to positive, then we can remain more and more peaceful and happy in even the worst of circumstances.

In these classes, we will be looking at (and meditating on) some really practical methods that help us make this switch from negative to positive, so that our sense of peace and happiness is much less fragile and dependant on what is happening around us. Classes in this series will be based on 'How to Transform Your Life' (which is available on line if you follow this link).


 free your mind

If we use our imagination well, it can take us into a new world of meditation, and be a powerful tool in discovering and connecting with our potential for deep and lasting peace and happiness that is at the very centre of our being.

This series is based on 'Mahamudra Tantra', in which Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso presents some of Buddha's most profound teachings, and explains them in ways that make them clear, accessible and practical.



choose happiness

Buddha long ago pointed out that though humans universally seek happiness it consistently eludes them, and though they seek to avoid suffering it falls upon them like rain.

The root of the problem, he taught, is a deep ignorance about the nature of happiness and suffering and their causes. In his famous teaching on the Four Noble Truths, Buddha explained the true nature and causes of suffering, and gave us practical advice on how we can move beyond it.

In his book 'How to Solve Our Human Problems' Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso explains clearly how we can apply these teachings in our daily lives. His advice is practical, relevant and 'do-able'!

levin: mondays,  7.00 – 8.30 pm (with jan mcpherson)
  • life should be more than just coping     
    • Aug : 27 : Sept : 3 : 10 : 17 : 24
  • free your mind                                            
    • Oct : 1 : 8 : 15 : 29
  • choose happiness                                        
    • Nov : 5 : 12 : Dec : 3 : 10 : 17 
palmerston north: wednesdays, 7.00 – 8.30pm (with gen kelsang demo)
  • life should be more than just coping     
    • aug : 22 : 29 : sept : 5 : 12 : 19
  • free your mind                                            
    • sept : 26 : oct : 3 : 10 : 17 : 24
  • choose happiness                                        
    • oct : 31 : nov : 7 : 14 : 21 : 28 : dec : 5 : 12
dannevirke: wednesdays 7.00 -  8.30pm (with birgit saunders)
  • life should be more than just coping     
    • aug : 29 : sept : 5 : 12 : 19 : sept : 26
  • free your mind                                            
    • oct : 3 : 10 : 17 : 24 : 31
  • choose happiness                                       
    • nov : 7 : 14 : 21 : 28 : dec : 5 : 12
whanganui: thursdays 6.00 – 7.30pm (with gen kelsang demo)
  • life should be more than just coping      
    • aug : 23 : 30 : sept : 6 : 13 : 20
  • free your mind                                            
    • sept : 27 : oct : 4 : 11 : 18 : 25
  • choose happiness                                       
    • nov : 1 : 8 : 15 : 22 : 29 : dec : 6 : 13