drop-in meditation classes

palmerston north, levin, new plymouth, whanganui, and monthly in dannevirke

Weekly classes, suitable for everyone, are an ideal opportunity to take some time out, relax, refresh and improve our sense of inner peace and well-being. The programme is aimed at helping us experience the benefits of meditation, and learn practical ways of maintaining a peaceful and positive mind in the midst of the challenges and busy-ness of everyday life. The talks are drawn from Buddhist teachings but are relevant to all of us (Buddhist and non-Buddhist alike).

Classes start with a brief introduction, and a guided breathing meditation to help us relax and clear our minds. This is followed by a talk and time for questions. Then we do a second guided meditation, which is related to the teaching, and helps us the take what we have learnt into our daily life. There is usually some time for discussion during the evening and light refreshments are available after class.

This programme is divided into two main semesters (February - June, and August - September). We will also be running a 'winter series' in June and July. In each semester we cover two to three main topics. Although the topics are linked and run in a sequence you can step into a course at any time. Each class effectively works as a 'stand-alone', though if you are able to come to a whole series you are likely to enjoy the connections and the ways in which the different topics build on each other. There is no need to book, and beginners are welcome.

There is a suggested donation of $12, or affordable contribution.

Note: You don't need to bring anything; you don't need to wear special clothes ; and, you don't have to sit cross-legged on the floor! (most people choose to sit on a chair). 

We also have weekly simply meditate classes in Palmerston North most Tuesday mornings, from 10.30 - 11.15 am. You can find dates and information about this class here.



august – december, 2017


“We can fix anything if we just have the right tools!” Buddha’s meditation methods can help us face life’s challenges and difficulties with a calm and centred mind. We can accumulate an “inner tool kit” that can help us solve any problem. 

a meditation toolkit for everyday life


august - december, 2017

freedom from jealousy and resentment

Jealousy and resentment are problems that can sometimes run deep. We have probably all had unpleasant experiences which we struggle to move on from; and difficulties in present relationships may stem from things that happened long ago.

In this series, we draw on some special tools to help us let go of these negative minds and develop practical strategies and habits for keeping our minds in a positive space.

becoming a friend of the world

Six very useful tools. The 'six perfections' are methods for developing a stable, peaceful mind and overcoming negative mental habits. These powerful techniques can be honed in meditation and then integrated and applied in daily life. They are 'perfect' because they really help us towards our goal of being of real benefit to others, which is key to developing a happy and meaningful life.

how to understand the mind

Our final series for the year is based on Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s book, How to Understand the Mind. What is the mind? How does it work to make sense of the world? Where do negative minds come from? How can we reduce and abandon them? How can we improve our concentration and other peaceful minds? How can we transform our mind and our self? What is an enlightened mind? We will explore these questions, and many more, all while learning to meditate in depth on the beautiful and blissful nature of our pure mind. 




palmerston north

wednesdays 7.00 – 8.30pm 

with Gen Kelsang Demo

Amitabha Buddhist Centre, 174 Albert Street, Palmerston North


august – december

Freedom from Jealousy & Resentment  

  • August : 16 : 23 : 30 
  • September : 6   

Becoming a Friend of the World                          

  • September : 13 : 20 : 27 :
  • October : 4 : 11 : 18   

How to Understand the Mind                   

  • October : 25  
  • November : 1 : 8 : 15 : 22 : 29
  • December : 6 : 13


wednesdays (and one thursday)

7.00 - 8.30pm

with Liz Wilson

REAP House, 15 Gordon Street, Dannevirke


august – december

meditation for modern living  

(note: classes are on Wednesdays - except for  October 26) 

  • Wednesday, August 30
  • Wednesday, September 13 
  • Wednesday, September 27 
  • Wednesday, October 11
  • Thursday, October 26
  • Wednesday, November 8 
  • Wednesday, November 22  


mondays 7.00– 8.30pm

with Jan McPherson

Thompson House, 4 Kent Street, Levin


august – december

Freedom from Jealousy & Resentment  

  • August : 21 : 28 :
  • September : 4 : 11

Becoming a Friend of the World                          

  • September : 18 : 25 :
  • October : 2 : 9 : 16 : 30

How to Understand the Mind                  

  • November : 6 : 13 : 20 : 27 :
  • December : 4 : 11


new plymouth

mondays, 7.00 - 8.30

Community House, 32 Leach Street, New Plymouth. (next to the YMCA)


august – december

advice for life

facililtated by Robin Drake & Darren Hight 

Suitable for everyone, these weekly classes focus on how to meditate and use Buddhist understanding to solve daily problems. 

Term starts: Monday, August 7 

After a break in the first half of 2017, we are really pleased that the programme in New Plymouth is starting up again, and open to everyone, for the second half of the year.

The first class will be on Monday, August 7, with Robin and Darren facilitating the class and guiding the meditations. 


thursdays 6.00 – 7.30pm 

with Gen Kelsang Demo

Whanganui Community Arts Centre, 19 Taupo Quay (riverside entrance)

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 8.24.13 am

august – december

Freedom from Jealousy & Resentment  

  • August : 17 : 24  : 31 
  • September : 7    

Becoming a Friend of the World                          

  • September : 14 : 21 : 28 :
  • October : 5  : 12 : 19   

How to Understand the Mind                 

  • October : 26 :
  • November : 2 : 9 : 16 : 23  : 30 :
  • December : 7 :  14