2019 at a glance: full and half day courses and events (january – june)

introductory free public talk series with gen kelsang demo


We live in anxious times, and sometimes concerns about what is happening in the world in general, as well as what is going on in our personal lives can seem a bit overwhelming. Anxiety and worry can drain us of energy — emotional and physical. For many of us worrying has become a habit; it's almost automatic. BUT like other habits and behaviours, it can be changed.

In this introductory talk, Gen Demo will explain how meditation can help us develop our inner sense of peace, so that we can shift negative habits of mind over time, and are able to maintain a peaceful and positive mind no matter what is going on around us - so that we really can stop worrying and start living. She will take us through a simple guided meditation to give us a taste of what it's like and how it works.

She will also provide an outline of the programmes that the Amitabha Centre will be offering in 2019, and answer any questions that you might have.

dates and times:

  • Palmerston North: Sunday, February 3; 7 – 8pm. Amitabha Centre, 174 Albert Street, Palmerston North
  • Whanganui: Monday, February 4; 6 – 7pm. Whanganui Community Arts Centre, 19 Taupo Quay (riverside entrance)
  • Dannevirke: Friday, February 8; 7 – 8pm. 173 High Street, Dannevirke
  • Levin: Saturday, February 9; 7 – 8pm. Thompson House, 4 Kent Street, (upstairs in the Gallery)



half-day courses: february – june, 2019

  • bookings: are required for all half day courses  (and links to booking forms will be put up here as we get closer to the event) 
  • cost: $30 (includes morning tea) 

Sunday, February 7, 10am - 1pm, Amitabha Centre, Palmerston North

  • creating inner space through meditation: how to use meditation to help us let go of distracting thoughts and introduce more space into our lives

Sunday, March 24, 10am - 1pm, Amitabha Centre, Palmerston North

  • why be unhappy? how to respond to difficulties and challenges with positive, realistic approaches that will uplift the mind and bring us energy and joy, rather than unhappiness and/or anger

Sunday, May 12, 10am - 1pm, Whanganui Community Arts Centre

  • advice from buddha's heart: a brief introduction to buddhism, exploring practical approaches that enable us to see ourselves, others and the world in a different way; solve many of our problems; and, achieve a happier and more peaceful mind

special course: stillness from within

with gen kelsang demo

There are two options for this course:

Option A: Half-day course, Amitabha Centre, 174 Albert Street, Palmerston North

  • Sunday, June 16. 10am – 2pm: Improving concentration: Meditating on the clarity of our mind to deepen our concentration and develop our sense of inner peace
  • Cost: $40 (includes lunch)

Option B:  Full-day course (at the Amitabha centre) + home training + 3-day retreat (at Sixtus Lodge)

  • Sunday, June 16. 10am – 4.30pm: Improving concentration (meditating on the clarity of our mind to deepen our concentration and develop our sense of inner peace), followed by a workshop for in-depth training in concentration in preparation for home practice
  • June - August: Home practice
  • Friday, August 30 - Sunday, September 2: 3-day retreat at Sixtus Lodge
  • Cost: $230 (includes full-day course with lunch, and accomodation and meals at Sixtus lodge)

special events/dates for your calendar

note: we will add links to more information as the dates get closer