(note: sometimes classes are not held due to holidays or clashes with other events: for details and dates, please check the full calendar below)

regular monthly puja dates in palmerston north 

The following pujas are please contact the centre for times a week before the puja. (we will also make the info available here as soon as times have been confirmed)

maramataka, hanuere – hune, 2022

rātapu (sunday), may (mei) 22

māne (monday), may (mei) 23

tūrei (tuesday), may (mei) 24

wenerei (wednesday), may (mei) 25

tāite (thursday), may (mei) 26

paraire (friday), may (mei) 27

hātarei (saturday), may (mei) 28

rātapu (sunday), may (mei) 29

  • 10.00am -1.00pm half-day workshop: make a mala, palmerston north
  • 7.00 – 7.30pm prayers for world peace, palmerston north
  • kangso (time – tba)

māne (monday), may (mei) 30

tūrei (tuesday), may (mei) 31

wenerei (wednesday), hune (june) 1

tāite (thursday), hune (june) 2

paraire (friday), hune (june) 3

hātarei (saturday), hune (june) 4

rātapu (sunday), hune (june) 5

māne (monday), hune (june) 6

tūrei (tuesday), hune (june) 7

wenerei (wednesday), hune (june) 8

tāite (thursday), hune (june) 9

paraire (friday), hune (june) 10

hātarei (saturday), hune (june) 11

rātapu (sunday), hune (june) 12

māne (monday), hune (june) 13

tūrei (tuesday), hune (june) 14

wenerei (wednesday), hune (june) 15

tāite (thursday), hune (june) 16

paraire (friday), hune (june) 17

hātarei (saturday), hune (june) 18

rātapu (sunday), hune (june) 19

  • 10.00am – 4.00pm full-day course: improving concentration, palmerston north
  • 7.00 – 7.30pm prayers for world peace, palmerston north

māne (monday), hune (june) 20

tūrei (tuesday), hune (june) 21

wenerei (wednesday), hune (june) 22

tāite (thursday), hune (june) 23

paraire (friday), hune (june) 24

hātarei (saturday), hune (june) 25

rātapu (sunday), hune (june) 26

māne (monday), hune (june) 27

tūrei (tuesday), hune (june) 28

wenerei (wednesday), hune (june) 29

tāite (thursday), hune (june) 30

paraire (friday), hūrae (july) 1

hātarei (saturday), hūrae (july) 2

rātapu (sunday), hūrae (july) 3

  • 00am – 4.00pm full-day: concentration: stillness from within
  • 00 – 7.30pm prayers for world peace, palmerston north


māne (monday), hūrae (july) 4

tūrei (tuesday) ,hūrae (july) 5

wenerei (wednesday), hūrae (july) 6

tāite (thursday), hūrae (july) 7

paraire (friday), hūrae (july) 8

hātarei (saturday), hūrae (july) 9

rātapu (sunday), hūrae (july) 10


māne (monday), hūrae (july) 11

tūrei (tuesday), hūrae (july) 12

wenerei (wednesday), hūrae (july) 13

tāite (thursday), hūrae (july) 14

paraire (friday), hūrae (july) 15


hātarei (saturday), hūrae (july) 16

rātapu (sunday), hūrae (july) 17


māne (monday), hūrae (july) 18

tūrei (tuesday), hūrae (july) 19

wenerei (wednesday), hūrae (july) 20

tāite (thursday), hūrae (july) 21

paraire (friday), hūrae (july) 22

hātarei (saturday), hūrae (july) 23

rātapu (sunday), hūrae (july) 24


māne (monday), hūrae (july) 25

tūrei (tuesday), hūrae (july) 26

wenerei (wednesday), hūrae (july) 27

tāite (thursday), hūrae (july) 28

paraire (friday), hūrae (july) 29

hātarei (saturday), hūrae (july) 30

rātapu (sunday), hūrae (july) 31


māne (monday), ākuhata (august) 1

tūrei (tuesday), ākuhata (august) 2

wenerei (wednesday), ākuhata (august) 3

tāite (thursday), ākuhata (august) 4

paraire (friday), ākuhata (august) 5

hātarei (saturday), ākuhata (august) 6

rātapu (sunday), ākuhata (august) 7


māne (monday), ākuhata (august) 8

tūrei (tuesday), ākuhata (august) 9

wenerei (wednesday), ākuhata (august) 10

tāite (thursday), ākuhata (august) 11

paraire (friday), ākuhata (august) 12

hātarei (saturday), ākuhata (august) 13

rātapu (sunday), ākuhata (august) 14


māne (monday), ākuhata (august) 15

tūrei (tuesday), ākuhata (august) 16

wenerei (wednesday), ākuhata (august) 17

tāite (thursday), ākuhata (august) 18

paraire (friday), ākuhata (august) 19

hātarei (saturday), ākuhata (august) 20

rātapu (sunday), ākuhata (august) 21


māne (monday), ākuhata (august) 22

tūrei (tuesday), ākuhata (august) 23

wenerei (wednesday), ākuhata (august) 24

tāite (thursday), ākuhata (august) 25

paraire (friday), ākuhata (august) 26

hātarei (saturday), ākuhata (august) 27

rātapu (sunday), ākuhata (august) 28


māne (monday), ākuhata (august) 29

tūrei (tuesday), ākuhata (august) 30

wenerei (wednesday), ākuhata (august)ust 31

tāite (thursday), hepetema (september) 1

paraire (friday), hepetema (september) 2

hātarei (saturday), hepetema (september) 3

rātapu (sunday), hepetema (september) 4


māne (monday), hepetema (september) 5

tūrei (tuesday), hepetema (september) 6

wenerei (wednesday), hepetema (september) 7

tāite (thursday), hepetema (september) 8

paraire (friday), hepetema (september) 9

hātarei (saturday), hepetema (september) 10

rātapu (sunday), hepetema (september) 11


māne (monday), hepetema (september) 12

tūrei (tuesday), hepetema (september) 13

wenerei (wednesday), hepetema (september) 14

tāite (thursday), hepetema (september) 15

paraire (friday), hepetema (september) 16

hātarei (saturday), hepetema (september) 17

rātapu (sunday), hepetema (september) 18


māne (monday), hepetema (september) 19

tūrei (tuesday), hepetema (september) 20

wenerei (wednesday), hepetema (september) 21

tāite (thursday), hepetema (september) 22

paraire (friday), hepetema (september) 23

hātarei (saturday), hepetema (september) 24

rātapu (sunday), hepetema (september) 25


māne (monday), hepetema (september) 26

tūrei (tuesday), hepetema (september) 27

wenerei (wednesday), hepetema (september) 28

tāite (thursday), hepetema (september) 29

paraire (friday), hepetema (september) 30

hātarei (saturday), oketopa (october) 1

rātapu (sunday), oketopa (october) 2


māne (monday), oketopa (october) 3

tūrei (tuesday), oketopa (october) 4

wenerei (wednesday), oketopa (october) 5

tāite (thursday), oketopa (october) 6

paraire (friday), oketopa (october) 7

hātarei (saturday), oketopa (october) 8

rātapu (sunday), oketopa (october) 9


māne (monday), oketopa (october) 10

tūrei (tuesday), oketopa (october) 11

wenerei (wednesday), oketopa (october) 12

tāite (thursday), oketopa (october) 13

paraire (friday), , oketopa (october) 14

hātarei (saturday), oketopa (october) 15

rātapu (sunday), oketopa (october) 16


māne (monday), oketopa (october) 17

tūrei (tuesday), oketopa (october) 18

wenerei (wednesday), oketopa (october) 19

tāite (thursday), oketopa (october) 20

paraire (friday), oketopa (october) 21

hātarei (saturday), oketopa (october) 22

rātapu (sunday), oketopa (october) 23


māne (monday), , oketopa (october) 24

tūrei (tuesday), oketopa (october) 25

wenerei (wednesday), oketopa (october) 26

tāite (thursday), oketopa (october) 27

paraire (friday), oketopa (october) 28

hātarei (saturday), oketopa (october) 29

rātapu (sunday), oketopa (october) 30


māne (monday), oketopa (october) 31

tūrei (tuesday), noema (november) 1

wenerei (wednesday), noema (november) 2

tāite (thursday), noema (november) 3

paraire (friday), , noema (november) 4

hātarei (saturday), noema (november) 5

rātapu (sunday), noema (november) 6


māne (monday), , noema (november) 7

tūrei (tuesday), noema (november) 8

wenerei (wednesday), noema (november) 9

tāite (thursday), noema (november) 10

paraire (friday), noema (november) 11

hātarei (saturday), noema (november) 12

rātapu (sunday), noema (november) 13


māne (monday), noema (november) 14

tūrei (tuesday), noema (november) 15

wenerei (wednesday), noema (november) 16

tāite (thursday), noema (november) 17

paraire (friday), noema (november) 18

hātarei (saturday), noema (november) 19

rātapu (sunday), noema (november) 20


māne (monday), , noema (november) 21

tūrei (tuesday), noema (november) 22

wenerei (wednesday), noema (november) 23

tāite (thursday), noema (november) 24

paraire (friday), noema (november) 25

hātarei (saturday), noema (november) 26

rātapu (sunday), noema (november) 27


māne (monday), , noema (november) 28

tūrei (tuesday), noema (november) 29

wenerei (wednesday), noema (november) 30

tāite (thursday), tihema (december) 1

paraire (friday), tihema (december) 2

hātarei (saturday), tihema (december) 3

rātapu (sunday), tihema (december) 4


māne (monday), tihema (december) 5

tūrei (tuesday), tihema (december) 6

wenerei (wednesday), tihema (december) 7

tāite (thursday), tihema (december) 8

paraire (friday), tihema (december) 9

hātarei (saturday), tihema (december) 10

rātapu (sunday), tihema (december) 11


māne (monday), tihema (december) 12

tūrei (tuesday), tihema (december) 13

wenerei (wednesday), tihema (december) 14

tāite (thursday), tihema (december) 15

paraire (friday), , tihema (december) 16

hātarei (saturday), tihema (december) 17

rātapu (sunday), tihema (december) 18


māne (monday), tihema (december) 19

tūrei (tuesday), tihema (december) 20

wenerei (wednesday), tihema (december) 21

tāite (thursday), tihema (december) 22

paraire (friday), tihema (december) 23

hātarei (saturday), tihema (december) 24

rātapu (sunday), tihema (december) 25


māne (monday), tihema (december) 26

tūrei (tuesday), tihema (december) 27

wenerei (wednesday), tihema (december) 28

tāite (thursday), tihema (december) 29

paraire (friday), tihema (december) 30

hātarei (saturday), tihema (december) 31

rātapu (sunday), hānuere (january) 1


māne (monday), hānuere (january) 2

tūrei (tuesday), hānuere (january) 3

wenerei (wednesday), hānuere (january) 4

tāite (thursday), hānuere (january) 5

paraire (friday), hānuere (january) 6

hātarei (saturday), hānuere (january) 7

rātapu (sunday), hānuere (january) 8


māne (monday), hānuere (january) 9

tūrei (tuesday), hānuere (january) 10

wenerei (wednesday), hānuere (january) 11

tāite (thursday), hānuere (january) 12

paraire (friday), hānuere (january) 13

hātarei (saturday), hānuere (january) 14

rātapu (sunday), hānuere (january) 15


māne (monday), hānuere (january) 16

tūrei (tuesday), hānuere (january) 17

wenerei (wednesday), hānuere (january) 18

tāite (thursday), hānuere (january) 19

paraire (friday), hānuere (january) 20

hātarei (saturday), hānuere (january) 21

rātapu (sunday), hānuere (january) 22


māne (monday), hānuere (january) 23

tūrei (tuesday), hānuere (january) 24

wenerei (wednesday), hānuere (january) 25

tāite (thursday), hānuere (january) 26

paraire (friday), hānuere (january) 27

hātarei (saturday), hānuere (january) 28

rātapu (sunday), hānuere (january) 29


māne (monday), hānuere (january) 30

tūrei (tuesday), hānuere (january) 31

cloudy rainbow