all you need is love: saturday, october 5, dannevirke

We will discover through our own experience that this precious mind of love is the real wish-granting jewel, because it fulfills the pure wishes of both ourself and all living beings.

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso



If you listen to any of the thousands of songs on the radio, or delve into the hundreds of poems that have been written about love over the centuries you could be forgiven for thinking that needing love is all about receiving undying affection (and possibly flowers, kisses and a wedding ring). And that we need this sort of love to feel happy, whole, valued and worthwhile. (We also probably know that this thing we call love is not necessarily a bed of roses – and that it can be the source of some of our most painful experiences).

The Buddha turned this idea right on its head and said that pure love is actually about really wanting others to be happy and free from suffering – and that loving others is not dependent on what we get from them, but is all about what we can give, and developing a mind that is full of loving kindness that will eventually encompass all living beings.

This love brings peace to us, it protects us and makes both ourselves and others happy – which seriously has to be a win-win all round.


In this course, Birgit will share these teachings and talk about how we can start to develop and extend our potential to love others. She will guide us through some especially peaceful meditations that really help us get in touch with our ‘good heart’ and work on ways that enable us to carry this special love into our lives.


details and booking

  • where: tararua reap, 15 gordon street, dannevirke
  • when: saturday, october 5, 1.00 - 4.00pm
  • cost: $30 (includes afternoon tea)
  • bookings: just follow this link