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choose happiness


a day course with gen-la kelsang dekyong

Cherishing others is the path that leads to happiness. Genla Kelsang Dekyong shares her insights into Buddha’s teachings on how to create states of minds that always result in happiness. Learn to enhance this beneficial mind so that in our daily activities, we always hold a special way of thinking and viewing others which results in our relationships giving rise to harmony and happiness for ourself and others.


the teacher

Genla Kelsang Dekyong has dedicated her life to helping people attain lasting happiness through developing inner peace. Genla is a modern Buddhist nun who is the General Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition. She is an inspiring teacher whose compassion for others and her practice of Buddhist wisdom makes her a perfect example of a modern day Buddhist practitioner.


date and time

Sat 20 Dec, 10.00am – 4.00pm



Compassion Buddhist Centre
2A Sanders Ave, Takapuna



$65 per person
Includes vegetarian lunch


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