Great Mother Prajnaparamita empowerment, palmerston north, november 5

Prajnaparamita is a female Buddha who represents the perfection of wisdom.  “Prajna” is the Sanskrit word for wisdom, and “paramita” is the Sanskrit word for “perfection”.  She is often referred to as the “Great Mother”, since the perfection of wisdom gives birth to the mind of enlightenment.










We all have the potential to become enlightened, just like Prajnaparamita.  To actualize our potential, we need to develop wisdom, especially the profound wisdom that understands the nature of things.  When we are guided by this wisdom, we will travel from joy to joy along our spiritual path, solve our daily problems, and eventually realize our Buddha nature.
During this special  event, Kelsang Demo will give a teaching on Prajnaparamita, and grant the empowerment.  Through this practice, and with a very beautiful guided meditation, we will receive the Great Mother’s wisdom blessings and move closer towards our own enlightened nature.


  • Date: Sunday, November 5
  • Time: 10am- 4pm (Note: Registrations will open at 9.30am; and it is important that you arrive a little early for the event, because we will come into the meditation room as a group)
  • Venue: Addis House, 135 Ruahine St. Palmerston North
  • Cost: $60 (includes a delicious vegetarian lunch)
  • Bookings are necessary, and if you are able to pay on-line this not only ensures that your place is reserved, but is really helpful for us on the day. Bookings are now open - and the candles below will link you to the booking page: