enjoying better relationships: half-day workshop; whanganui; november 29; 10am – 1pm

Even in ordinary times our quality of life depends a great deal on the kind of interactions we have with others. We rely so much on other people for so many things- for work, goods and services, and for love and support, to name a few. In fact everything we have, including our life itself, has come from others. At the same time we can find that even our closest relationships can sometimes be challenging, and this can seriously affect our peace of mind.

The run-up to Christmas  often puts increased stress on our relationships for a number of reasons – financial pressures,  children’s expectations, the planning and preparing of events, and the proximity of people who may be our relatives, but with whom we don’t spend a lot of time. In these circumstances the old hurts can come to the fore, and away we go again, repeating the same patterns of relationships from our conditioned past. Add Covid-19 with all its uncertainty and complexity to the mix and we have the possibility of even more stress.

This timely half day course will help us to look deeply at the source of our difficulties with relationships and offer us some tools to make a radical difference to the way in which we relate. With practice we can develop new patterns that will help us enhance our current relationships and  make new friends more easily.

  • with: birgit saunders (our resident teacher)
  • when: sunday, november 9, 2020; 10am - 1 pm
  • where: whanganui community arts centre, 19 taupo quay (riverside entry)
  • how much: $30; $15 unwaged note: includes morning tea
  • bookings: just follow this link