Thursdays, Whanganui

Living in the Moment

THURSDAYS, 6 – 7 pm
20, 27 June; 4, 11 July

Teacher: Kadam Birgit Saunders
Suggested Donation: $7

We all like the idea of living in the moment but what does it actually mean? The notion of enjoying everything around us and truly appreciating those we care about resonates with most people, but is that your experience? In our busy lives we find it very difficult to relax and enjoy the moment.

We rarely live in the moment because we are so caught up with this busy life which takes our mind away from being in the present moment. We think about the past, we worry about the future and as a result, we neglect to actually be here – right now – in the moment. As our life passes, we fail to ignite our potential and subsequently we don’t feel as if we have anything to show for it. In this course we will learn meditations to help us let go of this limiting mental habit.

Find out how wonderfully freeing it is to be in the moment – bringing us far more energy and clarity.

By taking things as they come and transform every moment in an opportunity for peace and happiness; we will develop a calm and joyful mind and begin to uncover life’s true meaning.


Our general programme classes include Dharma teachings along with guided meditations. Each class is self-contained and is also presented as part of a series. Drop into any class you like. These classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced meditation practitioners. No special clothing is required. Most people sit on chairs. Everyone welcome!


Whanganui Arts Centre
19 Taupo Quay (Riverside entrance)
Whanganui, 4500