how to be kind to yourself, half-day workshop, march 8, palmerston north

Whether we are our own protector or our own enemy is our choice, our responsibility. ~Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

If we have deep compassion and wisdom we can protect ourself from suffering and danger, and so become our own protector; but if we allow anger and ignorance to destroy our happiness and good fortune we are harming ourself, and so become our own enemy.

It’s very easy to be hard on ourself – to focus on our faults and mistakes and be our own worst critic.
This course will help us learn how to be truly kind to ourselves – to focus on our pure potential and our ability to help others. Being kind to ourselves means learning how to develop positive and peaceful thoughts and intentions while guarding against the negativity in our mind.
On this course we will be guided through practical meditations that will help us to become more compassionate and understanding towards ourselves and others.
The course is suitable for both beginners and more experienced meditators - you do not have to be Buddhist to benefit from these practical methods to help change our thinking from negative to positive and find real happiness within.

with: birgit saunders

where: amitabha centre, 174 albert street, palmerston north

when: sunday, march 8, 10am - 1pm

cost: $30 (waged); $15 (unwaged)

bookings: please follow this link