how to use your mala and mantras

Mantra A Sanskrit word, literally meaning `mind protection’. A mantras gives our mind focus and purity, so we are protected from distractions and negative thoughts. Mantras are special, sacred sounds that embody wisdom and compassion we can recite them at any time and we will quickly find we are able to transform our mind into a positive stateMantras help us connect with holy beings and tap into their beneficial qualities. 

A mala is a string of beads used to count prayers or mantra recitations. For Buddhist practitioners, their mala is a very precious and meaningful object.

In this half-day workshop, Birgit will explain the meaning of mantra and the power and benefits of mantra recitation. We will pick a specific mantra to recite and learn how to use our mala to help us focus. This is a simple and powerful method to attain a calm, controlled and positive mind, which is ultimately the cause of the supreme inner peace of enlightenment.

with birgit saunders

  • when: sunday, november 14
  • where: amitabha centre, 174 albert street, palmerston north
  • cost: $30; $15 (unwaged/low income)
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