learn to meditate: half day course, palmerston north, october 7

learn to med

..... for those of you who have might have thought about meditation, or have tried it but are not certain what to do next, this half-day course provides an excellent chance to find out a little more .....
This course is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced meditators who would like to refresh or re-energise their practice.
Multi-tasking might seem like a useful skill ... but it can leave us feeling frayed at the edges, anxious and as if we're running, just to stand still.
Meditation can be a really useful tool in helping us connect with that part of ourselves which is deeply peaceful. By becoming more familiar with this peaceful side to ourselves through meditation, we are able to draw on it all the time: when things get challenging at work; in our relationships; or in the general hurly-burly of everyday life.
With practice over time, we can gradually learn to maintain a peaceful, happy and positive mind even in the most difficult circumstances - which makes life a great deal easier for ourselves - and probably more pleasant for those around us!
(and you might even find you still have a smile on your face when faced with multi-tasking).
Gen Kelsang Demo will lead the course, and you can expect clear ideas about: how (and why) to meditate; some really peaceful guided meditations; time for questions; and suggestions about how you might develop your own meditation practice at home.
All this - and a delicious morning tea too!
Cost: $30 (includes the delicious morning tea)
Time and date: October 7, 10am - 1.pm.
Amitabha Buddhist Centre, 174 Albert Street, Palmerston North.

Bookings are necessary for this course - and you can do that right here: