love actually: sunday, march 21; half-day workshop; 10am – 1pm; palmerston north

“Love will bring us only happiness whereas the mind of attachment will bring us only suffering”

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche – The New Eight Steps to Happiness



If you listen to any of the thousands of songs on the radio, or delve into the hundreds of poems that have been written about love over the centuries you could be forgiven for thinking that love is what we need to feel happy, whole, valued and worthwhile. So, how is it that love often seems so fraught with pain and anxiety? We all wish for good relationships in our lives, but relationships between couples, parents and children, or friends often suffer from misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations and conflict. We love each other, and yet we are not always happy together.

Buddha taught that, for most of us, most of the time, love is tangled up with attachment, and that it is this attachment that is the source of sorrow, problems and pain in our relationships. Real love, on the other hand, brings only peace and joy, and a real sense of deep connection with those around us.

In this half-day workshop we will learn how to distinguish between the love and attachment in our own minds, so that we can begin to remove the cause of hurt from our heart, and begin to deepen and extend our love for others, so that our relationships have space to become more peaceful, stable, fulfilling and harmonious.

The course will include guided meditations, teachings, discussion and time for Q&A



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