chanted prayers and meditations


 Universal CompassionThose of you who would like to extend your meditation practice and develop what you have learnt in weekly classes, might like to join us for chanted prayer and meditation sessions held at the centre during the week.

Traditionally, we prepare for meditation through the use of chanted prayers. These prayers help us get our minds into the right ‘space’  for meditation. We also receive the blessings of the Buddhas, and enjoy the inspirational energy that comes from meditating in a group.

For many of us, these regular prayers at the centre helps us focus our minds in a calm, still space that is free of distractions and interruptions, and can be just what we need before the start, or at the end of a busy day.

The prayers are in English, and we have booklets with the words – so you aren’t expected to be an experienced Buddhist practitioner to join us. You may just wish to sit and listen, and we are happy to provide guidance or explanations if this would be helpful.



Heart Jewel

Heart Jewel is our main daily practice for prayer and meditation, so this is a great place to start.

There is time within the prayers for a period of around 20 minutes for your own silent meditation. This meditation is usually chosen from “The New Meditation Handbook (we have copies at the centre if you do not have your own), or you could  base your meditation on what has been covered in a class that you have attended.” The goal of our meditation is to deepen our understanding of what we have learnt so that we are able to apply it in a practical way during the day.

Timetable for Heart Jewel 

Mornings: Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 7.30 – 8.30 am.

Evenings:  Mondays and Thursdays. 6.30 – 7.30 pm. (Note: Powa puja will take place instead of Heart Jewel on the last Thursday of each month – see below).



Special prayer ceremonies (pujas)

Throughout the history of Buddhism in India and Tibet, somewhat longer, formal chanted prayers  have been used as an important part of Buddhist practice. These pujas give a sense of the roots and heritage of Kadampa Buddhism and provide a special opportunity to deepen our connection with the Buddhas and receive their blessings and protection. Joining us in these ceremonies may be of special interest to you if you wish to go deeper into the more formal aspects of the Mahayana tradition.

Once again, if you are new to these practice we are happy to provide explanations and guidance.

Offering to the Spiritual Guide.


This puja gives us the opportunity to affirm and strengthen our heart relationship with our Spiritual Guide.  We do this ceremony on the 10th and 25th day of each month. Please call the centre one or two days beforehand  to check the start time.


Melodious Drum

This puja is a powerful practice which helps us overcome difficulties in spiritual progress and to protect us from difficulties in the future.

Melodious Drum  is held on the 29th of each month. Please call the  centre one or two days beforehand  to check the start time.


Powa Ceremony

This puja is held for those who have died recently. Its purpose is to help those who have died to have a fortunate rebirth. It can be a very peaceful and uplifting method of expressing our love for those who have died and our heartfelt wishes for their future well-being and peace.

It is held on the last Thursday of each month at 6.30pm.  Alternatively, special pujas can be arranged for someone specifc takes  in response to a request.

Highest Yoga Tantra

This puja is help for more experienced practitioners who have taken special Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerments.

Monday:  7.30 – 9.00am

Thursday:   7.30 – 9.00am

Saturday:   8.00 – 9.30am