new zealand dharma celebration, 21 – 24 april, wainuiomata

Free Your Mind
21 – 24 April, 2017

Inspired by our Founder, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, every year practitioners from New Zealand and beyond gather together for this special event. The annual New Zealand Dharma Celebration is a wonderful opportunity for people throughout New Zealand to gather together to receive practical, inspiring teachings and meet spiritual friends. Whether new to Buddhism or an experienced practitioner, everyone is welcome to this extended weekend celebration.

White Tara Empowerment & Commentary
Increase your Lifespan, Wisdom & Good Fortune

During this special Dharma Celebration Gen Kelsang Rabten will grant the blessing empowerment of Buddha White Tara, who bestows long life, wisdom and good fortune. Through receiving this empowerment and engaging in the practice of White Tara our own good qualities will be awakened so that we will become like her. We need a long life to complete our spiritual practice. We need wisdom to free our self and others from our daily problems and suffering and we need good fortune or positive energy to achieve a long lasting experience of inner peace and happiness.

Teachings & Retreat – Free The Mind
Find Happiness by Breaking the Chains of Attachment

Attachment is the rope that binds us to a life of suffering. It keeps us investing our energy in things that can’t give us the real lasting peace and happiness we crave. Our attachment keeps us locked in unhealthy mental habit patterns, repeating mistakes that undermine our personal growth.

On the retreat day Gen Rabten will give teachings and lead the meditations Buddha taught that free our mind from attachment and allow us to enjoy a life of real fulfilment.

In the breaks take a walk in the surrounding woodlands and nature trails or sample a delicious treat from the Nectar Café and browse in the gift shop.

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