problems? find inner protection: half-day workshop: september 12: 10am-1pm: online and face to face


with birgit saunders


Sometimes it seems that we’re forever solving our problems with hardly a breather in between, while calmer, happier times are hard to come by. It can feel as if we’re adrift in the ocean while huge waves are crashing down on us and we are barely able keeping our head above water.

Buddha’s teachings and practical methods can help us solve our problems in a more constructive way, bringing about a lasting solution to our problems by focusing on developing our mind. We, from our side have to decide this is what we want to do and apply some joyful effort.

At the moment Buddha is standing on the shore, saying: “come out of the waves, I can help you!” but we say: ”I’ll come out later when I have solved this problem.”

When the ocean becomes still and we’re floating on the surface, sunbathing, Buddha is still standing on the shore, calling: ”come out of the water, I can help you!” We are however enjoying ourselves and say we’ll do it later.

In this way we’re forever solving our outer problems and looking for happiness in external conditions, never finding the peace of mind and freedom from suffering we’re longing for.

In this workshop we look at finding real inner protection from our problems and real inner happiness, through making our mind stronger and more positive, and in doing so becoming a more resilient, confident person.

sunday, september 12, 10am – 1pm
FACE-TO-FACE (note: numbers are limited so that we can maintain physical distancing – so registrations will close when we reach capacity)