pure mind, pure world: half day workshop: september 26: palmerston north

‘A lotus grows in the mud at the bottom of a lake, but its flowers bloom on the surface of the water, completely free from the stains of mud’ – the Mirror of Dharma, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso


A main obstacle to our happiness and training in inner peace is the negativity and non-virtuous actions we have accumulated in this life and especially in our countless former lives.

Have you ever wondered why it sometimes seems so difficult to make progress in meditation? Or why sometimes you feel really sad – even though on the surface everything seems fine? Or why sometimes you immerse yourself in distractions just to avoid your own thoughts – especially if you are feeling guilty or hurt? How can we overcome unhelpful tendencies of mind?

Buddha suggests that we should practise purification, and thanks to his kindness, we have methods to purify negative karma.

In this relaxed workshop Kelsang Phunwang aims to introduce simple methods of purification practice.

With a pure mind, we will free ourselves from the negativity in our life, enter into a world of purity and come to experience a deep inner peace and lasting happiness.

Everyone is welcome

with kelsang phunwang

  • sunday, september 26
  • 10am – 1pm
  • amitabha buddhist centre, 174 albert street, palmerston north
  • bookings are now closed – but there is plenty of room – so just come along to the centre and register when you arrive
    • cost: $30; $15 (low or unwaged)
    • (a delicious morning tea is included)
  • book here to attend with zoom
    • cost: $20; $10 (low or unwaged)
  • centre members: this workshop is included in your membership