spiritual power: blessing empowerment of Buddha Vajrapani, palmerston north, november 18

with Gen Kelsang Demo, resident teacher at the Amitabha Centre in Palmerston North 

Join us for this special event to receive the blessings of Buddha Vajrapani - the Buddha of Spiritual Power.
Who is Buddha Vajrapani?

His nature is great compassion and his fierce appearance displays a powerful ability to overcome negativity and hindrances.

Making a deep connection with Buddha Vajrapani, strengthens our minds and give us the inspiration and confidence to make progress on our spiritual path. He helps us develop the inner power to overcome obstacles, especially those that we create with our own minds.

What will happen at the empowerment?

In the morning we will participate in a special ceremony during which we will be guided through prayers and meditations which allow us to make a deep connection with Buddha Vajrapani and receive his blessings.

In the afternoon, we will receive teachings on guarding the mind based on Chapter 5 of Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life by Shantideva. These teachings show us practical ways in which we can build on the blessings we have received, develop our mindfulness, and protect our minds from negativity and delusions. The day will conclude with the self-generation practice  of The Yoga of Vajrapani.

Buddha compared our mind to a wild elephant, which when out of control can cause much suffering. Training our minds is essential if we are to learn to be happy and peaceful all the time.  




Details and booking

Date: Sunday, November 18

Time: 10am- 4pm (Note: Registrations open at 9.30am - and we would ask that you come at that time, as we will come into the meditation room as a group)

Venue: Addis House, 135 Ruahine St. Palmerston North

Cost: $60 (includes a delicious vegetarian lunch)

Bookings are necessary, and if you are able to pay on-line this not only ensures that your place is reserved, but is really helpful for us on the day. Follow this link to go to the booking page.