the liberating prayer – the kindness of buddha shakyamuni; sunday, october 18; palmerston north

the liberating prayer – the kindness of buddha shakyamuni

Without Buddha’s kindness we would not know the real causes of happiness or the real causes of suffering. Buddha taught us how all happiness and suffering depend upon the mind.
He showed us how to abandon those states of mind that cause suffering and cultivate those states of mind that cause happiness.
In other words, he taught us perfect methods for overcoming suffering and attaining happiness.
No one else taught us these methods. How kind Buddha is!
In this half day workshop Birgit will give a commentary to the Liberating Prayer, a short, but powerful prayer with great meaning, which is recited every day at the start of classes in NKT centres all around the world.
We will understand how Buddha’s Buddha’s love for all beings without exception can protect us from our inner problems such as anger, and is the source of all happiness.
  • with: birgit saunders (our resident teacher)
  • when: sunday, october 17; 10am -1pm
  • where: Amitabha Buddhist Centre, 174 Albert Street
  • how much: $30, unwaged $15; (this includes morning tea)
  • how: follow this link for bookings