the path to bliss: september 21, day course, palmerston north

Over our winter - Gen Kelsang Demo has been attending teacher training in the UK, followed by participation in the 2019 Summer Festival at the Manjushri Centre in the lake District in the UK. This festival is the major Kadampa gathering and teaching event/celebration of the year - and once again Demo is bringing home the essence of the teachings that she has received to share with us.

In particular, Demo will talk with us about how to really encourage ourselves and lift our mind in and through meditation.  She will help us start to see beyond the illusion of 'reality' (superficial appearances - and our notions and assumptions about the way things are) - and explore Buddha's concepts of 'emptiness' and 'bliss' which come together when we are able to purify our minds, allowing us to see the nature of existence in a whole new way. And, to add a little relish to this feast, she will share some really delicious (and blissful) meditations during the day.

(Note: Everyone is welcome! The teachings are quite profound, and draw upon both sutra and tantra. However, Demo will present them so that they are relevant and meaningful to everyone - both those who are experienced in Buddhist meditation and ideas, and those for whom this is all quite new.)


when: saturday, september 21, 10.00am - 4.00pm
where: amitabha buddhist centre, 174 albert street, palmerston north
how much: $60 (includes morning tea and lunch)
why: because it will be a great day!
booking: just follow this link to the booking page