topics for the second half of 2017


a meditation toolkit for everyday life

We can fix anything if we just have the right tools! Buddha’s meditation methods can help us face life’s challenges and difficulties with a calm and centred mind. We can accumulate an “inner tool kit” that can help us solve any problem.

The emphasis of the programme will be on how to use meditation and Buddha's teachings to make practical changes in our life. Not just a tool kit: but some good advice on how to use the tools.



august - december, 2017

freedom from jealousy and resentment

Jealousy and resentment are problems that can sometimes run deep. We have probably all had unpleasant experiences which we struggle to move on from; and difficulties in present relationships may stem from things that happened long ago.

In this series, we draw on some special tools to help us let go of these negative minds and develop practical strategies and habits for keeping our minds in a positive space.

becoming a friend of the world

Six very useful tools. The 'six perfections' are methods for developing a stable, peaceful mind and overcoming negative mental habits. These powerful techniques can be honed in meditation and then integrated and applied in daily life. They are 'perfect' because they really help us towards our goal of being of real benefit to others, which is key to developing a happy and meaningful life.

how to understand the mind

Our final series for the year is based on Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s book, How to Understand the Mind. What is the mind? How does it work to make sense of the world? Where do negative minds come from? How can we reduce and abandon them? How can we improve our concentration and other peaceful minds? How can we transform our mind and our self? What is an enlightened mind? We will explore these questions, and many more, all while learning to meditate in depth on the beautiful and blissful nature of our pure mind. 


specific topics and dates 

freedom from jealousy and resentment

  • Class 1: Dealing with jealousy
  • Class 2: Tackling resentment 
  • Class 3: Authentic confidence (Palmerston North: August 30; Whanganui: August 31; Levin and New Plymouth: September 4)
  • Class 4: The art of rejoicing (Palmerston North: September 6; Whanganui:September 7; Levin and New Plymouth:September 11)

becoming a friend of the word

  • Class 5: Giving (Palmerston North:September 13; Whanganui:September 14; Levin and New Plymouth:September 18)
  • Class 6: Moral discipline (Palmerston North:September 20; Whanganui: September 21; Levin and New Plymouth:September 25) 
  • Class 7: Patience (Palmerston North:September 27; Whanganui:September 28; Levin and New Plymouth: October 2)
  •  Class 8: Concentration (Palmerston North:October 4; Whanganui:October 5; Levin and New Plymouth:October 9)
  • Class 9: Effort (Palmerston North:October 11; Whanganui:October 12; Levin and New Plymouth:October 16)
  • Class 10: Wisdom (Palmerston North: October 18; Whanganui:October 19; Levin and New Plymouth:October 23)