covid-19 protection policy

updated policy for the covid-19 protection framework at the amitabha buddhist centre (5/04/2022)

The Government has recently made some changes to the Covid-19 Protection Framework policy which affect the Amitabha Centre in the following ways:

  • There is a 200 person limit for all indoor gatherings and events
  • You do not need to wear a face mask outdoors but masks are still required in most indoor settings
  • There is no longer any requirement to scan in or for a QR code to be displayed or to have mandatory record keeping
  • There is no longer any requirement to use My Vaccine Pass


Therefore, in the interests of providing a safe place to gather, the following precautions will continue to be taken at the Amitabha Centre for all indoor meetings and events:

  • Masks will be worn
  • Distancing will continue – with the consequent limitations on numbers in our venues
  • Whenever possible, online attendance at courses and study programmes will be provided using Zoom


Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in keeping everyone safe