what is emptiness? february 21 – 23, sixtus lodge, apiti




Of all Buddha’s teachings, none are more far-reaching and transformative than the teachings on emptiness, the true nature of reality. It is through our understanding of emptiness, and especially the freedom that we experience as a result, that we can let go of the limited ways of relating to ourself and the world.

On this special retreat Eve will teach and guide simple yet profound meditations on emptiness. We will gain experience of the astounding beauty and power of these meditations to transform our life and bring real benefit to ourself and others.

“…in this experience everything becomes peaceful and comfortable, balanced and harmonious, joyful and wonderful….everything is equal in the peace of emptiness…”           ~~~ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso


Eve Pleydell was one of the first students at the Amitabha Centre in Palmerston North, and had been studying Buddhism in the UK prior to that. She now lives and works in Wellington - and is an active member of the KMC Wellington community - however, we have persuaded her to venture back to the Amitabha Centre for this special retreat.

She has a deep understanding of Buddha's teachings, and a special ability to present profound wisdom with clarity - helping us connect with the teachings so that we can use them to inform our understanding of our world, and then put them into practice to help us develop more peaceful minds, and meet the problems and challenges of everyday life more constructively - with a lighter heart and a more joyful, positive outlook.

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accomodation: Sixtus Lodge is about an hour and a half's drive from Palmerston North. It is well-equipped, comfortable and has easy wheelchair access. There are hot showers, a washing machine and a full kitchen (for the preparation of group meals). It is surrounded by farmland and beautiful bush with lots of opportunity for walks. (You can find out more about Sixtus Lodge if you follow this link). You can choose either a dorm (bring your own bedding) or camping (bring your own tent - and bedding!)

dates and times: the retreat will begin with a shared meal on Friday evening (6.00 onwards); and an introductory session at 7.30pm, we will ack up after lunch on Sunday.

cost: $180 ($120 unwaged) this includes all meals, accomodation and teachings

bookings: bookings must be made by Wednesday, February 19; please follow this link to find the booking page

enquiries: if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Birgit at the centre (06 3553524) or at amitabha@xtra.co.nz