wheel of life: half-day workshop: october 31: 10am – 1pm: palmerston north

Even if we contemplate deeply the most sublime works of art we cannot gain benefits that compare with the benefits of contemplating and meditating on the diagram of the Wheel of Life because this diagram reveals the complete path to enlightenment” Joyful Path Of Good Fortune.

The Wheel of Life is a diagram drawn by Buddha that teaches the complete path to enlightenment. Included within it are Buddha’s teachings on The Four Noble Truths, telling us what we should know, abandon, practice and attain; it also illustrates the Twelve-Dependent Related Links, a chain-like series of cause and effect that reveals the way in which we are bound to samsaric rebirth.

During this workshop we will go on a tour of the Wheel of Life and see how we can use this diagram to guide us in our meditation practice and inspire us in our spiritual life. We will learn why we experience the sufferings and problems that we do, and how we can permanently break free from these.

with: birgit saunders

when: october 31: 10am – 1pm

where: amitabha centre, 174 albert street, palmerston north

cost: $30 (including morning tea); $15 (low or unwaged); $0 (centre members: included in your membership)

bookings: just follow this link (note: if we are still at level 2, we may have to limit numbers – so if you miss out on a space, please join us via zoom: inks will be up on the live page asap)